The United Nations (UN) has announced Monday that the Israeli troops violated Security Council resolutions by crossing the Blue Line on the Lebanese border. Speaking at a press conference,  UN deputy spokesperson  Eduardo del Buey said a statement released byUN Peacekeeping forces (UNIFIL) in Lebanon announced that the Israeli soldiers crossed the Blue Line, and entered into Lebanese soil, which was a "serious violation" of the UNSCR 1701. Buey also urged Israeli authorities to cooperate with UNIFIL during the investigation launched on the issue.  He added, the investigation committee was currently on the fileld and worked in coordination with Lebanese army to determine the facts as soon as possible. Upon a question, Buey touched upon the new settlements approved by Israeli government, and said the position of UN Secretary General Ban Ki- Moon very clearly declared several times that the settlements in the occupied Palestinian territory were illegal. The Blue Line is the demarcation line between Lebanon and Israel, established by the UN after the Israeli withdrawal from southern Lebanon after its short 1978 invasion called "Operation Litani". UNSCR 1701 intended to resolve the 2006 Israel -Lebanon conflict, envisaging Israel to withdraw all of its forces fromLebanon in parallel with Lebanese and UNIFIL soldiers deploying throughout the South of Litani River, the so-called Blue Line.