Turkish Deputy Prime Minister Bekir Bozdag Tuesday condemned the violence inflicted by the German police on Turkish citizen Yasar Albayrak. Bozdag released a statement in relation to the police violence applied on Yasar Albayrak, a 51 year-old Turkish citizen who was beaten by the German police at Germany's Cologne-Bonn Airport.  "We will closely follow the actions to be taken by the German police on this matter. We hope the German officials will apply the necessary penal sanctions or else it will be violation of law by government," Bozdag said in the statement. Bozdag also passed on his good wishes for Albayrak to have a speedy recovery. Albayrak had a minor quarrel with an airport official for not providing any help at Germany's Cologne-Bonn Airport on Monday. German police wanted to take away Albayrak's son following the incident and when Albayrak objected he was beaten severely by the police. The incident was captured on amateur camera.