Lebanon Domestic Intelligence Unit said the identity and the place of the kidnappers of Turkish pilots were determined. The Unit said that the prime suspect was Ali Jamil Saleh, whose father was among the abducted previously in Syria by anti-Assad groups. The authorities, stating that the kidnapping was pre-planned, claimed that the pilots were kept in the south of Lebanon. On Friday, a shuttle carrying the pilot, the assistant pilot, and the crew of the Turkish Airlines plane which flew to Beirut from Istanbul had been stopped by four gunmen on the way from airport to the hotel. Gunmen abducted the pilot Murat Akpinar and his assistant Murat Agca.  The Visitors of Imam Reza had claimed the responsibility afterwards. 11 Lebanese who were on their way to Iran after having visited Imam Reza's mausoleum, had been kidnapped near Syrian Azaz city. Two of them were released later on with Turkey's peacemaking. Kidnapping of Turks is said to be aiming the release of others.