France lived today a terror attack in Charlie Hebdo Magazine, who is published before insult caricatures against Probhet Mohamed. This event has been material for some media groups for perception operation against our newspaper. Hurriyet Daily News (who is publishing English in Turkey), complained conservative part of Turkey's to West and put to target board with their news. But, this information was also in Hurriyet's Turkish page and same group's other newspapers, Radikal and Posta. Hurriyet Daily News criticized Turkiye Newspaper over,'s tweet; 'Attack on the magazine that insulted our Prophet: Death toll rises 12'.

On the Hurriyet Daily News title wrote 'Islamist Turkish dailies draw ire after Charlie Hebdo attack' and blames Turkiye Newspaper like we are seeing this event 'legitimate'. But Hurriyet's brother newspaper Radikal put this title on, 'Attack on the magazine that who is published Probhet Mohammed caricature'.

Short time after Radikal changed this title; 'Attack on French magazine Charlie Hebdo: 12 killed'

And this one is same group's another newspaper 'Posta'. Their publish was be same like Radikal on Twitter; 'Attack on the magazine that who is published Probhet Mohammed caricature: 10 killed'

Near this after attack on breaking news sharings, almost all media websites and television channels draw attention to same subject.

"(Shock in France) Magazine office was raised in Paris, that who is published Probhet Mohammed caricature: 10 journalist killed"

"Attack on the French magazine that who is published Probhet Mohammed caricature: 10 killed (First images from event)"

"Attack on the French magazine that who is published Probhet Mohammed caricature: 10 killed"

"Attack on the magazine in Paris, that published insulted caricatures about our Probhet"

Against this distortion on Hurriyet's English page, this detail draw attention on Turkish website of Hurriyet.

"Magazine published Probhet Mohammed caricatures before and drew reactions."

Very clear that for creating the perception against Turkiye Newspaper, near this's next publish on Twitter ignored by Hurriyet Daily News. Whereas, next publish title was "France's 11 September! Paris lived terror brutality - Gun attack on the magazine, there are many dead". 

When this atrocious attack heard on the Charlie Hebdo Magazine, the first thing that comes to mind, published caricatures with ugly insluts against our Probhet by Charlie Hebdo and reactions against this reactions. Draw attention with this event was natural a reflex by journalism. Near this who is made this distortion, Hurriyet and their brother newspapers didn't refrain for use this detail. Only different thing between words, this media companies used "Probhet Mohammed" but used "our Probhet" becaufe our respect to him.

This lie will only appear they knew and for this Hurriyet made this distortion only on English website. Near this Hurriyet moved Turkiye Newspaper's story "The timing of the attack is interesting. Is it the cost of recognizing Palestine as a state?" to their report and tried to strengthen their so-called perception operation. Whereas, yet was not even a month since the adoption of the draft resolution to recognize Palestine. On this story only drew attention for this detail without comment.

Some part of that story;

27 day before draft resolution requesting the government to recognize Palestine as a state accepted by French Senate. Behalf of the government Harlem Desir declined to give the date for recognize Palestine. After accept this draft resolution, lived an attack in Paris on the who is published caricatures against our Probhet. This attack moved provocation doubt to mind.

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