Turkey and Sudan have signed a cooperation deal that will see Turkey’s first investment abroad in agriculture. Monday’s agreement means the countries will set up a joint-venture company to work land in Sudan and exchange experience, Turkish Ministry of Agriculture said. The deal aims to enhance production and yield exports, while modernizing the Sudanese agriculture industry and creating jobs. It will allow Turkish entrepreneurs to invest in the country and lease land – as large as 780 thousand hectares - for long-term cultivation.

Turkey’s agricultural agency TIGEM plans to build a research farm in the country for exchange of know-how in agriculture and animal husbandry. Turkey’s Minister of Agriculture, Mehdi Eker said the deal was a first for Turkey and would be beneficial for both countries.

“The purpose is for the joint company to engage in agricultural production and for Turkey’s technological know-how, mechanization capacity and animal breeds to be utilized to good effect,” Eker said. He added the project aimed to create exportable products. Eker stressed Sudan’s potential for agriculture, praising vast fertile lands and ample rainfall allowing for easy irrigation.

Sudan’s Minister of Agriculture, Ibrahim Mahmoud Hamid said the sides would benefit from each other’s strengths, namely Sudan's resources and Turkey's experience and ınvestments.