According to the report released by the regulatory authority, Turkey's refineries’ total LPG production rose by 5.7 percent for August alone and annual exports decreased by 8.6 percent to about 287,222 tons compared to August 2013.

Turkey imported LPG from nine different countries in July 2014 - Algeria, Russia, Norway, Kazakhstan, Ukraine, France, Libya, Germany and Italy. The majority of the imports came from Algeria with 95,299 tons, Russia with 66,485 tons and Norway with 43,024 tons.

Turkey's LPG exports dropped by 0.7 percent to about 1,654 tons for August with only the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus and Turkey's free trade areas making any imports, the report said.

The amount of autogas sold in Turkey over the same period in 2014 was 285,052 tons. Additionally, 68,729 tons of bottled LPG and 5,310 tons of bulk LPG were sold to Turkish customers.

Anadolu Agency