Iran's export capacity to Asian countries reached over one million barrel oil per day in October, according to Iran's official news agency.

Iran sold its 1,080 million barrels of oil per day to China, India, Japan and South Korea. Iran's crude oil export decreased by 6.6 percent compared to September. However, it had the highest amount in the last month compared to August.

Iran's oil export was 2,500 million barrel per day before the EU's oil embargo. Once the embargo became totally valid in July 2012, Iran's crude oil export decreased by 40 percent and dropped under one million barrel per day. However, the exports within the last 9 years of 2014 reached an average level of 1,140 million due to the nuclear talks.

Talks between Iran and U.N. Security Council members dubbed the P5+1 -- the U.S., Britain, China, Russia, France and Germany -- have led to a deal calling for Tehran to scale back its nuclear activities in exchange for the easing of economic sanctions. The deadline for the next talks between Iran and the P5+1 to stop Iran’s nuclear program is Nov. 24.

The easing of economic sanctions enabled Iran to expand its oil market in Asian countries by almost one fifth within the last 9 months.

Anadolu Agency