Rescue operations to save 18 workers remain trapped in a flooded mine in central Turkey have not yet lead to any tangible or concrete results, the Turkish energy minister said Wednesday. 

"We can access two-thirds of the flooded mine, which is 1,250-1,300 meters long. One-third of the mine is still closed," said Taner Yildiz on the ninth day of rescue operations.

There were 34 miners inside the mine, when a water pipe exploded and caused the flood on October 28, which is located in central Turkey, about 400kms south of the capital, Ankara, in Karaman’s Ermenek district. 

"If we compare the mine to a well, we can see 18 workers at the bottom of the well. They are not at the top of the well," he added. 

Yildiz stated that the rescue operations continue with separate teams that consist of six shifts of 4-hours and four shifts of 6-hours.

"We are looking for the 18 workers at the very bottom parts of the mine. We still have 1,300 meters to go. We have drained three-quarters of the mine," he said. 

Yildiz stated that the rescue teams are trying to tackle each situation in the mine differently, since every case they encounter is "unique."

He added that have passed over a barrier and saw damaged fortifications, which indicated that the roof collapsed. 

Anadolu Agency