Bagis underlined the importance of the Turkish-French relations and said, "It makes me happy to see that our relations which started at the 15th century is stronger than ever." The volume of trade relations between France and Turkey was over USD16 billion, Bagis reminded and added that the number of French-based companies operating in Turkey was over 1000. Bagis also mentioned that the silence of Europe in relation to the military coup in Egypt was a disappointment and noted, "Europe and the members of the EU had not accompanied Turkey and its stance against the military coup. The European Union has to prove to the world that military coups are not acceptable."

Bagis thanked France for lifting up the blockage against the chapter 22 of the negotiation talks between Turkey and the EU and for backing to open this chapter. "Turkey expects the same good will of France for the opening of the chapter on Financial Policies," Bagis underlined.

French Ambassador in Ankara Laurent Bili highlighted that Turkey was getting more and more democratic day by day and that France would stand by Turkey during this period. "Long live Turkey, long live France, long live the Turkish-French relations," he said.