According to a written statement released by the Turkish Ministry of Culture and Tourism, "Istanbul Galata Tower, Yoros Castle, Izmir Foca, Candarli Castles, Bartin Amasra Castle, Duzce Akcakoca Castle and Sinop Castle" were officially registered on UNESCO's World Heritage Sites. These monuments were recorded as "Castle and Rampart Settlements from Mediterranean to Black Sea on Genoese Trade Route". Ministry of Culture and Tourism enabled 11 entities to be taken into UNESCO World Heritage List thanks to ministry's stable and professional works. Cultural and natural entities which are determined by UNESCO World Heritage Committee take place at World Heritage List. UNESCO World Heritage List includes 981 registered cultural and natural entities worldwide. Temporary list is a pre-step for the heritage list. World Heritage Committee considers architectural, historical, aesthetic and cultural, economic, social, symbolic and philosophical properties of the monuments in addition to criteria determined by committee, while preparing temporary lists. Candidacy files prepared about the entities taking place at the list are later presented to World Heritage Committee.