Representatives of the Turkish cinema industry and the prominent members of the business world met in Istanbul at a special dinner.
Turkish Economy Minister Nihat Zeybekci praised the success of the Turkish TV series in the global markets, and said, “A passport control official at an US airport asked to me what has happened after such-and-such episode in one of the TV series produced in Turkey… that is to say TV series have a huge impact on the minds of people.”

Despite such an overflowing interest, Turkish TV drama productions should stay loyal to the moral principles, said Zeybekci, and underlined the importance of conveying an accurate perception of Turkey via marketing and promotion.
Meanwhile, special guest of the night of the TV drama and film producers and prominent business world figures was the director of the one of the TV series legend “Lost”, Bobby Roth. Roth said for his part that depicting, reflecting the reality on the TV screen has a substantial effect on the audience.
The Turkish TV drama and film producers target a 2 billion USD volume of culture products export by 2023.

Source: TRT English