Turkey’s second International Bosphorus Film Festival will host a panel discussion on the future of the country’s film industry on Nov. 27 in Istanbul, said festival organizers on Tuesday.

Titled “Turkish cinema through the eyes of the world,” the panel discussion will be held at the Tophane-i Amire Culture and Art Center in Istanbul, according to a press release from the organizer.

Turkish actress Belcim Bilgin will be the moderator. Vice-president of the Golden Globe Awards Lorenzo Soria, American filmmaker Sam French and Hollywood stars as Brad Pitt, James Franco and Halle Berry's acting coach Ivana Chubbuck will also attend, as members of the panel.

The Anadolu Agency is one of the main sponsors of the festival, which is organized by the Bogazici Cinema Association and the Istanbul Media Academy. It will run until Nov. 28.

The grand prize of the festival is 50,000 Turkish lira ($22,400).

Festival tickets are free of charge and more than 180 films can be seen in many theaters across Istanbul, including Atlas, Cine Majestik, Baglarbasi Culture Center, Tarik Zafer Tunaya Culture Center and Tophane-i Amire.

Anadolu Agency