On April 24, Hollywood actor George Clooney has visited Armenia, where he took part in the events of remembrance of victims of the so-called "Armenian genocide" and spoke at the Global Forum "Against the Crime of Genocide".

During his stay in Armenia, Clooney made some loud statements on the events of 1915. In particular, he stated that "the denial of genocide is ridiculous", that "Armenian genocide is the tragedy of all humanity". Clooney also managed to quote the words attributed to Hitler - "Who now remembers the Armenians?" and he himself tried to give an answer.

What about the practical side of the issue?

On the practical side, the situation is as follows:

1.    Clooney can hardly be considered for the role of “Anoush, raped in 1915”, accordingly, he is not a victim and not a witness of "genocide". 

2.    Also, Clooney is not exactly a man of Hitler’s inner circle, and he could not hear any statements of Hitler.

3.    Clooney has no historical education, therefore, his thoughts about historical events, have no credibility in the scientific community.

Based on the foregoing, we can conclude that, he could get information on the events of 1915 from books, media or from his Armenian friends. I am sure that Clooney has not read even a book dedicated to the events of 1915, even of Armenian or pro-Armenian author.  

I cannot say that the media is so often and in details covering the events of 1915, respectively, it can be concluded, that all the heresy that Clooney was speaking in Yerevan, was put in his mouth by Armenian “friends”, or rather orderers.   Only Armenians could hire a star of world scale, and use it for the dissemination of nonsense, which has been recognized as a forgery in 1945... Clooney neither learned a lesson from the failure of his wife Amal, which, in the European Court of Human Rights, lost the case on a denial of the so-called Armenian genocide to the Turkish politician. I wonder whether there are still those who would deny the bias of these people in this matter.  And assure that Clooney and his wife only want "truth" and "justice". 

Ali Hajizade, political analyst, head of the project “The Great Middle East”