But Jonathan Todd Schwartz stole more than money from the singer, who has sold approximately 60 million albums worldwide, 15 million alone of Jagged Little Pill.

Morissette told a Los Angeles judge Wednesday that Schwartz “stole a dream”,the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC) reported.

Schwartz, 47, also stole $2 million from five unnamed clients while he was working for GSO Business Management, a firm that represents entertainment stars such as Katy Perry, 50 Cent and Tom Petty.

The embezzlement was discovered after a suspicious Morissette hired a new money manager.

Schwartz admitted to the crime and said he took the money, between 2010 and 2014, to feed a gambling habit.

Prosecutors asked for a five-year-three-month sentence, but Judge Molly Gee sentenced Schwartz to six years, the U.S. entertainment publication Variety reported.

“In the past I’ve criticized the sentencing guidelines as draconian, but this is a rare instance in which I feel they’re not harsh enough,” Gee said. She also ordered Schwartz to pay $8.6 million in restitution, the CBC reported.

Anadolu Agency