We want to take the attention on the survivors, those with burn scars. Before months we saw a report about a Palestinian baby boy, Ahmad Dawabshe who are burnt in his house in Duma, Palestine. This event called as "Duma arson attack". Ahmad learned a few week before, he lost his family. Also his body's %60 burnt on this attack. He is only one who were treated in Turkey. More than him, there is many people still in Turkish hospitals.

We come this article with bomb scars its because wars never end around us but there is more than this. 

A global project caught our attention by Lucy Wilson from Sheffield Hallam University, it's "ScarGlobal". There is someones who "embracing people with burn scars worldwide". ScarGlobal is a platform where burn survivors, medical staff, psychologists, family members and others can come together to support those with third-degree burns.

Run by burn survivor Lucy, ScarGlobal aims to connect people globally to share experiences and information. It is important to be aware of the medical differences and social treatment survivors face overseas and at home.

This project was inspired by a recent solo trip to Cambodia, where Lucy discovered that burn survivors are rare to find, due to a lack of medical resources. She hopes that this website will enlighten and educate people of the differences burn survivors face overseas.

We are invite you for support this project. You can reach more information and read survivors stories on "ScarGlobal.org".