"Turkish armed forces engaged the helicopter after it violated our airspace and ignored repeated warnings to leave, said Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan, referring to Syrian helicopter shot down by Turkish fighter jets after a border violation. A military helicopter of Assad regime was shot down by two Turkish F-16 jets when it carried on a border violation after warnings on Monday. The helicopter was shot down when it continued the violation despite warnings. Turkish PM Erdogan met Tuesday with his Pakistani counterpart Nawaz Sharif in Turkish capital Ankara. Two leaders held a joint press conference following their bilateral meeting which was closed to the press. 13 protocols have been signed between two countries in various fields including education, environment, transportation, security, municipality services, cultural projects, trade, finance, and energy. Stating that the protocols will improve relations between two countries, Erdogan pointed to the growing strategical partnership between the countries. "The visit is a clear indicator of the strategical relation between two countries," he noted, reminding that Sharif has chosen Turkey as the second official destination for his foreign visit since he formed the government in June. Turkish premier also stated the trading volume between two countries was not enough and said the aim was to reach 2 billion dollars. Nawaz Sharif, on the other hand, stressed that Turkey and Pakistan would be leaders to promote peace and stability in the region as being two strong democracies. 

Leaders also shared views concerning regional developments. "Turkey and Pakistan have long been facing terror problems, that is why we discussed the steps that should be taken to stop terrorism," said Erdogan. 

Upon being asked about the peace process in Afghanistan, Erdogan reminded the process going on among Turkey, Pakistan and Afghanistan aimed at bringing peace in the region. "We should act together in order to prevent terror groups from going between Afghanistan and Pakistan trying to find a home," he noted. 

"Both the use of chemical weapons, which killed around 1,700 Syrians, and the use of conventional weapons, which killed around 110,000 civilians are crimes," Erdogan said, stressing the Russian-US deal on the destruction of the Syrian regime's chemical weapons stockpile would not be an exact solution in Syria.

He pointed to the large number of deaths since the beginning of the events and said it is almost a genocide there. He reiterated Turkey's support for Syrians and said they would keep on helping them. 

Turkish premier plans a visit Pakistan in the first half of November, which he said would contribute to strengthening the relations. 

Earlier today, “Republic Order”  was conferred on Nawaz Sharif by Turkish President Abdullah Gul in recognition of close and brotherly relations between Pakistan and Turkey.

Also, Turkish Foreign Minister Ahmet Davutoglu held a closed meeting  at Sheraton Hotel with Sharif. 

Following the joint press conference, Turkish Prime Minister Erdogan hosted a dinner in honor of Sharif.