British Foreign Secretary William Hague has welcomed positive approach by Iranians yet he stressed that there was great deal of hard work ahead. According to a statement released from the Foreign and Commonwealth Office that Hague made comments following the conclusion of Iran's nuclear talk negotiations between the E3+3 countries and Iran in Geneva. British secretary stated that he welcomed the positive approach taken by the Iranian government during nuclear talks between Iran and the E3+3 and said, "Iranian Foreign Minister Javad Zarif presented a basis for negotiations and there have been serious exchanges with Iran on issues of concern. Diplomats have for the first time begun more substantive discussions with Iran on how to address the international community’s serious concerns about Iran’s nuclear programme." Hague added that he hoped negotiations would lead soon to concrete results and added, "Iran will need to take the necessary first steps on its programme and we are ready to take proportionate steps in return. It is important that we maintain the positive momentum of the negotiations but we should not forget that Iran’s nuclear programme is continuing to develop. There is a great deal of hard work ahead, but we must not waste this opportunity."