As a strategic preference, Turkey aims full membership in the European Union and I believe that it has the capability to take role within the Union,” said Duke Henri who attended a dinner hosted by Turkish President Abdullah Gul in Ankara on Tuesday. Duke Henri added that Turkish economy was growing with its 76 million young, hardworking, dynamic population and gradually improving life standards. On his part, Gul said, “A stable, prosperous and strong vision toward the EU clamps the two states. Having this understanding, the two states have had a significant collaboration under the umbrella of NATO, Council of Europe, Western European Union, OSCE and OECD."  

This visit, Gul predicted, will develop the existing Turkey-Luxembourg relations and pointed to the friendship and alliance between the two countries, adding that Luxembourg strongly supported Turkey's membership to the EU.

 Turkey and Luxembourg, he stated, are in close cooperation on many issues. “As you know, the meeting during which Turkey-EU negotiation process was launched took place in Luxembourg on October 3, 2005. Luxembourg, in this regard, has a special value for Turkey,” said Gul.