In a statement before their meeting in London, William Hague said the Iran deal was, “A good deal for the Middle East and for the World.”  He was speaking after only 12 hours since the Geneva deal.  Hague also reaffirmed the UK’s stance on sanctions against Iran, saying that the deal “vindicates the policy of pressure through sanctions and diplomacy through negotiations”. “We will remain strong partners in the coming months to make sure this deal is implemented in good faith and that we do everything possible to make sure it is followed up with a comprehensive final settlement”, he added. The deal between the West and Iran means that no new sanctions will be implemented against Iran, and that Iran will halt any uranium enrichment above 5% along with giving access to nuclear inspectors.  The current deal will last for six months until a final settlement is reached.  US Secretary of State, John Kerry said that the deal was a  “partnership effort” between the UK and US.

“I particularly am grateful to our friends here in Britain for their extraordinary support and friendship in the course of all of this process”, he said.

John Kerry also outlined the task that faced the P5 +1 saying, “Now the really hard part begins, and that is the effort to get the comprehensive agreement, which will require enormous steps in terms of verification, transparency, and accountability."

The US praised the UK for their help with John Kerry stating, “President Obama could not be more grateful for Prime Minister David Cameron’s support and effort, and I could not be more grateful for a counterpart who works hand in hand, and we are determined to press forward and give further life to this very special relationship.”

Talking about Syria, the Secretary of State said that he would be discussing Geneva II with William Hague. 

“We know it’s very difficult. Nobody has any illusions. But we all know there is no military solution, and the only way to deal with millions of people who are displaced within their own country and millions of people who are refugees is to end violence.”

Both men are meeting the Libyan Prime Minister in London to discuss the worsening security situation. This month saw more than 40 people killed in the country’s capitol Tripoli when an armed group from the city of Misrata opened fire on demonstrators asking for an end to militias.