Turkish President Abdullah Gul on Friday said there is a discrepancy in European visa rules as Turkish citizens face "strict" EU visa restrictions while those from other countries like Russia and Latin America, who are not even EU candidates as Turkey is, are exempt. Answering journalists questions while on a visit to in Gaziantep, Gul said that Turkey deserves visa exemption with EU because its candidacy process is advancing. “Turkey is a full member of Customs Union which allows the goods to circulate between Turkey and EU member states, but the owners of these goods cannot travel to Europe freely to advertise their goods, isn’t it odd,” added Gul. Gul expressed his relief at the release of Turkish journalist Metin Turan who was detained in Egypt during the anti-coup protests in Cairo's Ramses square.  He said Egypt is going through a critical period and that Egyptian people always trust Turkey and the people of the two countries are brothers. “These kinds of periods are temporary. We hope that Egypt will achieve a democratic regime as soon as possible and the economic expectations of people will be met in a short time. Our country also passed through these kinds of crucial periods. We should be empathetic towards Egypt,” said Gul. He also paid tribute to Nelson Mandela who died late Thursday evening. Gul said “Nelson Mandela was a great statesman who inspired people in their quest for freedom, dignity and equality. He was also a resilient peacemaker and a relentless reformer. The world will remember him with admiration and gratitude. May his soul rest in peace.”