Turkey's Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan has said the government will not let August's presidential elections bring about uncertainty for Turkey. Speaking at his Justice and Development Party group meeting in parliament on Tuesday, Erdogan said: "Those who expect economic and political uncertainties in Turkey during and after the presidential elections will be disappointed.

"Our party is after the goals of 2023, which are appreciated and affirmed by the Turkish people and we will accomplish these goals," he said, referring to economic and political reforms designed to make Turkey one of the 10 most developed economies in the world by its hundreth foundation anniversary. Erdogan added that the candidate-determining process within the party had been ongoing and he had also been consulting President Abdullah Gul. 

Stating that the government would not allow unions to hold demonstrations and rallies in Istanbul's Taksim Square, Erdogan said that the Istanbul governorate had allocated the two main squares in the city for May 1 rallies.

- 'Solidarity and peace'

Calling on unions to refrain from violence on the streets during the May 1 Workers Day rallies, Erdogan said: "May 1 has a history of 124 years in Turkey, and we honor it with the honor it deserves. In 2008 our government declared it as the Labor and Solidarity Day. "I hereby call on all unions and all other involving organizations not to clash with the state on the day of solidarity and peace."

Erdogan attacked opposition parties for asking the government to close the doors to Syrian refugees and remain silent about the death penalties of 528 Muslim Brotherhood members in Egypt. 

"We cannot shut the doors to the dying, starving Syrians appealing to our country, regardless of their race and religion," added Erdogan. 

He also said that although the European Union, the U.S. and Russia were all silent on the death penalties in Egypt, Turkey would never stay quiet about the violation of human rights in Egypt.