Three terrorists were killed and one was injured after killing two policemen in Bingol, an eastern Turkish city. 

Two of the officers were killed and one seriously injured by terrorist gunfire on Thursday. 

The shooting took place while the officials were investigating property damage that had occured in demonstrations in which protesters demanded that the Turkish government support the outlawed PKK military actions in the besieged city of Kobani, on the country's border. 

Bingol province Police Chief Atalay Urker, Deputy Police Chief Atif Sahin, Chief Inspector Huseyin Hatipoglu and police officer Ugur Adli were the victims of the attack.

Deputy Police Chief Sahin died on the scene, while Chief Inspector Hatipoglu died in Bingol State Hospital.

Bingol province Police Chief Urker and police officer Ugur Adli are being treated at the Bingol State Hospital. 

Anadolu Agency