President Erdogan and French President Hollande hold joint news conference

President Recep Tayyip Erdogan met with French President Francois Hollande following which the two presidents held a joint news conference.

Erdogan said that talks were held in economic, cultural and military fields.

“I believe that this will be an important stage reached in relations.”

Stating that work on defense industry continues, Erdogan said that Turkey, Japan and France work jointly on a nuclear power plant.

Erdogan said that regional issues were taken up at talks and France and Turkey’s viewpoint on Iraq and Syria tallies with that of France.

Erdogan said that the world should not be a witness to ISIL’s occupation of certain areas in Iraq and Syria and reiterated Turkey’s three conditions as a no-fly zone in Syria, safe zone and train and equip.

Erdogan said that he doesn’t want to dwell upon the Kobani issue.

“Why isn’t it Idlib, Hama or Iraq? It’s just Kobani. Kobani is on our border and at the moment there is no one there. There are only 2 thousand fighters. 200 thousand refugees are in our country.”

Asking the reason why coalition forces are not in other areas in Syria, Erdogan said that besides terrorist organizations in Syria, Assad implements state terrorism.

“If Assad leaves, we should agree on whoever people want. If we are really saying this, then we are defending democracy. If we say that this autocrat will be replaced by another one then we cannot say that we are defending democracy.”

On developments in Iraq, Erdogan pointed out that the Iraqi army is not a participatory army and is almost 100% made up of Shia members. 

Reminding that this army left Mosul and ISIL seized weapons there, Erdogan said that most of weapons used by this terrorist organization consist of these weapons.

Also reminding that 200 thousand Iraqis and 1.400 million Syrians who fled their countries have taken refuge in Turkey, Erdogan said that Turkey has spent $ 400 billion but aid received is only $200 million.

Stating that they made an exchange of views on Turkey’s EU membership process, Erdogan said that Hollande gave the green light to blockade being lifted on some chapters.

French President Francois Hollande for his part said that talks were held on Iraq and Syria.

Reminding that ISIL does not only threaten Kobani, Hollande pointed out the significance of Aleppo.

Hollande said that support should be provided for the Free Syrian Army and on the EU he said that there progress could be made on chapters no 22 and 23.

President Erdogan will make a speech at the French Institute of International Relations on Friday evening.

Source: TRT English