– “I am against what happened in July 15 and July 20”

Mustafa Akinci and Nikos Anastasiadis look like having agreed, also we are watching gentleman moves. Is a federation possible in Cyprus and when can this come to life?

Yes, federation is possible in Cyprus and most people are looking forward for a just and fair and long lasting solution for the benefit of all people in Cyprus.

About Northern Cyprus, Mustafa Akinci told “if there was no July 15, we know there would not be July 20” on press conference with President Erdogan in the anniversary of 20 July. What do you think about July 15, 1974 coup in Cyprus and Turkey’s intervention?

I am extremely against what happened on both dates and it was completely unnecessary. Too much greave for no real reason.

Also I do not believe that the coup would have been successful because in Cyprus there are/were a large number of people who would have prevented the coup succeeding and would have protected democracy but on the contrary I believe that the coup orchestrated by a handful of people was actually orchestrated in such a way so that would give Turkey an excuse to invade.

– “Greek extremist were against Greek Cypriots too”

In my TV daily show I present ordinary people both Greek and Turkish Cypriot who have lived the real friendship and love between their own communities and in fact my uncle save Dr Ixan Ali a very famous doctor in Cyprus in 1964.

When the extremist functions (from both sides) were operating.

But the Greek Cypriot extremist were also agains the Greek Cypriot democrats.

– “Turkey’s intervention was an occupaton”

UN decisions about this intervention, it’s an “occupation” and many times Turkey paid the prices. But on the other side, what is for Turkish Cypriots who were killed or missed on this period?

Yes, it is an occupation of a sovereign country member of the United Nations and EU and as far as paying a price as you put it I ask. What price? And if there is a price why turkey should not pay?

Please note, as I said above, yes we had Cypriot victims from both sides who were against extremist actions.

And also we had innocent victims who paid for the artificial situation created, and remember that for centuries before 1955.

We never had problems and peace prevaled.

– “There has been played a farse against the people of Cyprus”

I am trying to understand your feelings and I am asking as well as an immigrant’s grandchild from Thessaloniki this question; how do you feel when you imagine your memories in Northern Cyprus?

My heart breaks it is like someone is holding back my mothers body from me.I am sure the Turkish Cypriot leader and other similar thinking people feel the same for what they have left behind in the south part.

I feel there has been played a farse against the people of Cyprus in general, Greeks, Turks, Maronites and Latins.

Dividing us from half of our country we lost our path our culture our roots and this is true for all people who moved by force.

-“We don’t need motherlands anymore”

If you had one thing to say about this to the Greek and Turkish governments as well to a Cypriot, what would you say to them?

To Turkey and Greece I would say what Mr Akinci said “we don’t need motherlands anymore”.

We never needed anyway we are what we are but most of all we are Cypriots.

To all people in Cyprus I would say we can live together like we used to do in the past and there is a good prove of it.

– “Turkey is holding the key”

We can see a strong bond between Turkish Cypriots and Greek Cypriots ordinary people in everyday life. They seem to understand each other and want to be found a solution to this. Why is a solution still on its way?

All parties will benefit from a solution. Because Turkey is holding the key. This is the reason why. And yes bonds between Greek and turkish Cypriots are very strong because they share the same culture and pain and they feel victims of shall we say…international politics?

The pain is the same either someone is Greek Cypriot or he is Turkish Cypriot. Both sides have the same worries, the same concerns, the same dream. They want peace in the region. What else must be done to make this dream come true?

Each other must learn each others experiences to understand the wounds and reservations and to respect what gives each other safety. From what I understand for the Turkish Cypriot is political equality and from The Greek Cypriots the unnecessary and out of date quarantees as well as the basic freedoms of movements just like any other European citizens.

– “Stability in Cyprus is not at all related”

What do you think about Greece crisis? Is stability possible during this difficult period in Cyprus?

Stability in Cyprus is not at all related . We belong and believe in Europe and European values and we really wish for a permanent I repeat permanent solution in Cyprus with out any unclear and unspecified dark areas that can be taken as an advantage with certain people and situations and upset this balance again. And all will benefit from this arrangement including Turkey.

Lastly, Israel and Egypt’s politics in the region are giving harm to peace. What are Cypriots thinking about these countries’ governments politics? How do they intend to cooperate with them?

Concluding I like to thank you for the questions, I cannot reply on the Israel and Egypt issues as I do not follow it and as a human been I want to serve peace,mutual understanding, harmony and lifes values.

I am a presenter at the nation TV chanel and I have lots of Turkish Cypriot friends whom I admire for their values, education and more, also there is no different between my Greek friends and in fact one of them I call “Kartash” (brother/sister).

I believe the whole situation was a very well orchestrated set up for the benefit of everybody else apart from the Cypriots.

Cypriots though paid the price. As a person coming out of a family of refugee from Thessaloniki you should understand.

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