Turkey and Germany are “red apples” for Syrian refugees, Turkish Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoglu said Monday.

“Turkey and Germany are like the red apples for the Syrian refugees,” he said in an interview with the A Haber news channel.

“A Syrian refugee aims for two places - Berlin or Istanbul - because they know that they will be safe or find a job to support their life in these two locations.”

Speaking after German Chancellor Angela Merkel visited Turkey, Davutoglu said she supported Turkey’s efforts to control migration.

“Turkey is not a concentration camp for the refugees,” he said. “We will just launch a mechanism to control migration and prevent illegal migration.”

According to an EU plan, Europe will offer economic aid and humanitarian assistance for refugees hosted in Turkey, which is keen to establish a safe area for refugees to live inside Syria.

EU leaders have also agreed to accelerate a visa liberalization process for Turkish nationals if Turkey manages to reduce the flow of refugees to Europe.

Davutoglu also discussed the shooting down of an unmanned aerial drone in Turkish air space last week and confirmed the aircraft was of Russian manufacture.

“Russia told us that the aircraft does not belong to them,” he said. “So we cannot blame anyone without any proof... It does not matter who it belongs to, Turkey will not let anyone violate Turkish air space.”

The incident followed two incursions by Russian aircraft into Turkish air space on Oct. 3 and 4. The Turkish military has also claimed its patrolling jets have been targeted by Russian-made warplanes and missile systems based in Syria.

Anadolu Agency