Speaking to reporters at the airport before leaving for an official visit to Serbia, Davutoğlu underscored that he is open to discuss constitutional reforms with 'everyone,' but would never discuss the unity of the state. 

"This is a matter of intentions," Davutoğlu said, adding that politics is all about genuineness and courtesy. 

He slammed statements made by HDP deputies implying that they 'would call the government to account for the conflict in southeastern provinces' and asked them to bring the terrorists, who turned those regions into war zones into account. 

"They should keep silent if they can't," he added.

He also said that Turkey is surrounded by crises and that he would never put the lives of Turkish soldiers on the negotiation table with the HDP. He noted that the HDP will receive treatment in accordance with its actions. 

"If it is a political party, then it should act like one. If it is a pawn of the terrorist organization [PKK], then it will receive treatment accordingly," he said, while adding that the HDP should sit on the table with 'whomever they are talking on behalf of.'

The Prime Minister underlined that the government is closed to holding meetings with the HDP until they prove that they are a serious and genuine political party rather than an extension of the PKK terrorist organization. 

On Saturday, Davutoğlu had cancelled his offer to meet with Selahattin Demirtaş, co-chairman of the HDP, saying in a written statement that there is no point left to share a table with HDP. The reason for cancelling the offer was cited as the recent announcements coming from HDP officials targeting the government away from at least political kindness and aiming political polarization amid the ongoing clashes with the PKK terror organization.

Source: Daily Sabah