German player of Turkish origin joined a training with his London team for the first time on Thursday following his transfer and later on, Ozil replied the questions of reporters with manager Arsene Wenger. The 24-year-old player expressed, "It is great to be a part of this team, I am proud of myself for that. I feel great in this team. Wenger is also great. I am sure he will contibute into my development. I would like to continue improving myself and that is why I came to this club." Ozil emphasized that he was focushed onto the national team during the transfer and added that he was receiving information about his London team from the German football players who are also in Arsenal Mertesacker and Podolski. Mesut Ozil underlined that he always felt positive over the Arsenal and said, "I knew that it was a very successfull club, recruiting young players and so they could develop themselves in here. That is why I decided to come here and I want to keep improving myself. I am very happy for being here under the management of a great manager." Holding the title of the most expensive German footballer with his recent tranfer to the Arsenal, Ozil said, "Arsene Wenger's thoughts about me, his plans about me were the most important things for me." Ozil highlighted that he was not disappointed when he left Real Madrid and added, now he was playing for one of the biggest clubs in the world. Being a part of the world's most powerful league, Ozil stressed, he had to keep improving himself and that they had an intense schedule ahead them which he was very looking forward to.

Upon the Arsenal breaking a transfer record to sign him in, Mesut Ozil said, "I would come here if there were no payments, this wouldn't cause a problem. Of course, I am proud of it however the most important thing for me is my manager's trust in me and me feeling that. That is why I came to this club because Wenger trusts me."

Furthermore, upon the question of, "Why was Real Madrid pleased with your leave?", he said, "I talked about it previously, did not receive respect and trust. This was hard a bit. When I spoke to Arsene on the phone, he was filled with respect. I feel that respect in here and that is why I came here. I do not want to talk about Read Madrid. The time I spend in there was amazing yet this topic has been closed now and we have to look forward. I am hoping to spend good years, earn cups and stay healthy here."

- "The way Mesut plays and the style of our team play suits"-

Speaking at the press meeting, Manager of Arsenal, Arsene Wenger stated that Ozil's way of playing was suiting with the team's way of playing and added, with his creativity the German player would be one of the leaders of the team.

Touching onto Ozil's transfer day, French football manager said, "All were under control, it went a bit exaggerated. Due to short time, it was little bit a complex process however it went well at the end."

In addition, he was asked if he had a message for British fans, Ozil referred to the Arsenal's symbol and said, "I am a Gunner."