Turkish revered international football star and Atletico Madrid fans' favourite, Arda Turan has been immortalised in a book written in Spanish by instructor, Juan E. Rodriguez Garrido in Madrid. The author of "El Genio de Bayrampasa" (The genius of Bayrampasa), Garrido talked to the Anadolu Agency about himself and his motivation to write a book on Atletico's 27-year-old Turkish international Arda Turan on Tuesday. 

"I have just started writing books and this one on Arda Turan is my third. Previously I wrote a book about the English Premier League, and 'if they had asked to write a book on another player', I wouldn't have but they offered me to write a book about a player that I admire, Arda Turan," Garrido said.

Garrido not only discusses Arda's technical brilliance on the field, but also talks about his good-humour and easygoing personality which has shaped him as an exemplary player with Atletico with his typical gentlemanly behaviour on the pitch.

"Atletico Madrid fans especially admire his personality, it is not all about football, Cristiano Ronaldo is doing this but Arda has something more," emphasized Garrido.

The Spanish author says that the Turkish international helped his team to win the UEFA Europa League, UEFA Super Cup and the Spanish King's Cup (Copa del Rey) in two years. When Atletico Madrid was making their way in Spanish La Liga and the UEFA Champions League, these trophy-winning statistics were more than that of Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi's statistics in their teams.

When researching his book on Atletico's trequartista Turan, two topics surprised Garrido. "The first one was that Arda fainted during a match in the Euro 2008, despite not having any medical problems. Garrido claims that he fainted because of deep emotion and the second one was when he punched Fenerbahce's player Semih Senturk in a derby match in 2009. Arda, known for his genial and even tempered character, uncommonly fought his opponent on the pitch. "In Spain nobody can imagine Arda doing such a thing," said Garrido.

He upholds that Arda is regarded as the "genius" of Atletico who gives vision and dictates the tempo to his team shaped by Argentine coach Diego Simeone.

"Arda is playing technique-based creative football; his playing style came from street football that he was playing when he was a kid," said Garrido.

Garrido envisages that Arda will become an icon, and can see that his shirt will be printed in tribute to him. "El genio de Bayrampasa" will be put on sale this weekend.