“We are moving forward, with strength, we want a modern and organized Sarajevo, just as it is in Europe. We want to be proud of our success and of our club. I believe the year 2015 will be marked with our true values, the ones we have been fighting for in the period of these last three and a half years. We did a lot, which is obvious, but we want more, we want to do it even better. One of the main conditions for it is to contribute as much as possible to the club, it has to be our second family. We have to stick together because our club deserves it.” – was stated in the congratulation by Edis Kusturica.

The FC Sarajevo was founded on October 24th 1946 in the big hall of the Gymnasium of Sarajevo when the teams of Udarnik and Ratnik connected into one team called Torpedo. Not long after that, Torpedo changes its name into Sarajevo and remains that way until today.

Within the football league of ex-Yugoslavia the FC Sarajevo won twice the champion’s trophy which makes this club the most successful BH club at the former championship.

FC Sarajevo won titles of the B&H champion as well, and during the last season they also won their recent trophy: the Cup of B&H. Besides national competitions, this club achieved great successes at the international scene as well during its 68 years long history. – was stated in the communication by the FC Sarajevo.

Source: Depo.ba / Sarajevo Times