In his address to the Munich Security Conference on Sunday, Zarif called on the Persian Gulf countries to surmount the current state of divisions and instead move towards achieving "regional security arrangements”.

"It can perhaps start with a modest regional dialogue forum based on generally recognized principles and shared objectives. The forum can promote understanding on a broad spectrum of issues, including confidence and security building measures and combating terrorism, extremism and sectarianism,” he said.

“‘It could also encourage practical cooperation in areas ranging from protection of environment to joint investments and tourism. Such a forum could eventually develop into a more formal non-aggression and security arrangements,” he said.

Zarif also described Iranian President Hassan Rouhani’s visit to Oman and Kuwait last week as “a major step” towards the realization of such a dialogue.

“I emphasize that the conflicts in Iraq, Syria, Yemen and Bahrein do not have military solutions. Each requires a political solution,” he said.

When asked by a participant whether Iran’s proposal for a regional dialogue forum also foresees dialogue with Israel, Zarif underlined that their “modest” initiative would rather focus on addressing problems in the Persian Gulf.

“We are focusing on the Persian Gulf, we have enough problems in this region. So we want to start a dialogue with countries that we call brothers. We call each other brothers in Islam. We need to address the common problems and perceptions that have given rise to anxieties, rise to level of violence that exists in the region,” he said.

Anadolu Agency