This comes as a wave of internationally popular Turkish shows continues to buffet the shores of Latin America, along with other regions of the world.

Take Mega TV: After adding Turkish series to its lineup, the Chilean channel got a boost in its ratings, leaving its competitors in the dust.

Mega, a private station previously dogged by low viewership, reversed its fortunes after taking in the Turkish shows, after successfully winning their international broadcast rights.

"There was a huge response from every level of Chilean society to the Turkish series, and the first one we aired, Binbir Gece [1001 nights] was a historic success with very high ratings," Juan Ignacio Vicente, Mega’s international content director, told Anadolu Agency.

1001 Nights, starring Halit Ergenc and Berguzar Korel, which originally ran for three seasons in 2006-2009, was Chile’s top TV series in 2014, attracting a 28.2 percent rating in its timeslot.

Other popular Turkish series in Chile over the last few years include Muhtesem Yuzyil (The Magnificent Century), Elif, Ezel, Sila (Coming Home), Fatmagul'un Sucu Ne? (What Did Fatmagul Do Wrong?), and Kara Para Ask (Dirty Money Love).

Veronica, meet Elif

Much like the newfound popularity of names like Khaleesi and Katniss, these Turkish exports have begun leaving a lasting legacy on far-flung countries.

Inspired by the hit foreign series, Chilean families have started to give their newborn children Turkish names like Elif, Nilufer, Fatmagul, and Ibrahim.

According to official state records, many Chilean girls born in 2016 were named Elif, a traditional Turkish name that topped even Veronica, a name widely used in Latin America.

Wanted: Turkish actors

"For the last few years, Turkish actors have become very well known in Latin America thanks to Turkish television shows," Vicente said, adding that Chilean fans want to see such local stars as Berguzar Korel, Halit Ergenc, Çagatay Ulusoy, Kıvanc Tatlıtug in person.

He added, "I find it surprising that these characters’ names become a part of our culture and I think people identify with them, which is why they want these characters to serve as role models for their children."

"Turkish series have emotional stories that move our viewers and the Chilean people," he said, trying to explain the phenomenal popularity of the shows in both Chile and Latin America in general.

"The subjects of Turkish series are morally and emotionally close to the problems that people in Latin America face in their own lives," he added.

Popular Turkish series have been exported to over 200 countries, contributing to a boom in the country’s domestic television industry.

Turkish TV series' success abroad -- from the Middle East to the Balkans, from eastern Europe to Latin America -- started five years ago with Binbir Gece, whose plot centers on a single mother with a sick 5-year-old son who seeks a loan from her smitten boss.

Another successful series is the The Magnificent Century starring Halit Ergenc, which focuses on the life of the 16th century Ottoman Sultan Suleyman the Magnificent.

The show proved hugely popular both in Turkey and in eastern Europe, where it is being broadcast in 70 countries and watched by over 250 million people.

According to the Turkish Film Producers' Professional Association, last year the government granted 30 million Turkish liras ($8.8 million) for 200 film-related projects in the country, and this year is expected to grant twice that amount.

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