Out of 361 suspects detained for aiding and abetting terror, 19 were remanded in custody, the statement said.

Thirty-four people were detained for alleged Daesh terror group links; 218 were arrested for Fetullah Terrorist Organization (FETO) suspected ties, out of whom 33 were remanded in custody.

During the operations, security forces also defused 49 improvised explosives devices, and seized 51 weapons and 129 hand grenades.

Moreover, 2,871 kilograms (6,329 pounds) of cannabis, 205 kilograms (452 pounds) of heroin, two million opiate drugs, 1.5 million smuggled cigarettes and 29 tons of fuel were also seized.

Also, 3,555 migrants were also detained; 84 people who allegedly arranged illegal means of transportation for them were also held.

Anadolu Agency