During the inauguration ceremony, Erdogan said he hoped the mosque which he said "is a first in Turkey" would become one of Ankara's symbols with its unique style combining Ottoman, Seljuk and modern architecture.

"Built on 19,500 square meters, the mosque has a capacity of around 7,000 people," Erdogan said, adding the mosque's other features included three minaret balconies, four minarets, a congress centre, civilizations museum, meeting halls, exhibition halls, and a five-story parking garage.

Erdogan also gave some information about Melike Hatun, who is believed to have lived in the 14th century in today's Ankara.

"Also known as Sultan Hatun, Melike Hatun was a Sufi coming from a wealthy family, who built many madrasas, Turkish baths, fountains, gardens, and mosques," he said.

Melike Hatun Madrasa is the oldest madrasa in Ankara where Haji Bayram Wali -- the founder of Bayrami Sufi order -- was a teacher.

Anadolu Agency