urkey is now a more successful country in the financial management which makes it a much stronger economy, Turkish president said on Wednesday.

"I am allergic to interest, I am against high interest. Interest rate has currently started to fall again, inflation has also fallen, and policy interest rate will fall further," Recep Tayyip Erdogan, said at the Central Anatolia Economic Forum in central Sivas province.

For the growth rate plan of 2020, Erdogan said: "I set a target growth rate for 2020, we will definitely plan the growth rate as 5%."

Erdogan said that those who intend to move against Turkey, will have to think not once or ten times, but at least 100 times before taking any steps. 

Nuclear warheads 

"Some have missiles with nuclear warheads, not one or two. But I would not have a nuclear-powered missile, I do not accept it," Erdogan said, referring to all developed countries, who have nuclear-powered missiles but oppose others, who tend to have them.

He also referred to one of his visits to a former leader who sought to make more nuclear missiles, as many as the U.S. and Russia.

"I’m not going to reveal the name [of the leader]," he said, adding that the leader was then a president.

"That leader said, we have about 7,500 nuclear warheads. Russia and the U.S. have about 12,000-15,000 missiles. We will build more as well. They will compete for building more nuclear warheads," Erdogan said quoting a former president, whose name he did not disclose. 

He also highlighted that Israel uses its nuclear warheads as tool of threat.