In remarks made during a conference in Istanbul Friday, Davutoglu said: "As of today, thanks to God, I am standing before you as having fulfilled each election promise we made in the Nov. 1 poll."

The AK Party's Nov. 1 election manifesto included projects for protecting economic and financial stability, increasing employment, and supporting investment and production.

The party carried out its promises, including making subcontracted workers civil servants as well as raising the monthly minimum wage to 1,300 Turkish liras (approx. $454) from 1,000 Turkish liras (approx. $349) per month.

Davutoglu said that reforms made in the development sector and public order were also maintained simultaneously.

"We are marching towards our European Union targets. Turkey will not step back from its targets of growth, development, democracy and state of law despite all negative efforts," he said.

He also revealed an “Action Plan of 2016”. 

The premier also slammed Turkey’s main opposition party leader, Kemal Kilicdaroglu, over his harsh remarks for Turkish family minister, which he made in the context of the recent student sexual abuse scandal in central Karaman province.

"While we are busy with action, some people are busy with insulting. I condemn those who consider insult as a political way," he said.

On Tuesday, Kilicdaroglu accused Turkish Family and Social Policies Minister Sema Ramazanoglu of remaining silent about a recent student sexual abuse scandal in Karaman.

"The governor does not speak, the police chief [or] education minister does not [speak]. The family minister also does not speak, as she lay down before someone," Kilicdaroglu had said.

Ramazanoglu took legal action against Kilicdaroglu Thursday, accusing him of causing her mental anguish and violating her personal rights; she is seeking 50,000 Turkish liras in damages.

The prime minister said Kilicdaroglu's words were a kind of violence against woman. "We should object to insulting woman as we do for violence against women.

“I hope the main opposition leader also considers our advice and comes to the top of an agenda through action and ideas, not insult and defamation," Davutoglu said.

Anadolu Agency