Erdoğan also said that terrorist organizations who attack and kill innocent people under the name of Islam and Muslims cannot be representatives of a sacred religion.

"Because ours is a religion of peace" he added.

Erdoğan underscored that Muslims should be united and urged them to strengthen dialogue.

"We value our fraternity as much as we value our faith," he said.

Touching upon the latest Nuclear Summit in Washington, he expressed his dismay about the West's one-sided approach by turning a deaf ear to attacks in Istanbul, Ankara and Lahore and focusing solely on Paris and Brussels. 

The president also touched on the lack of Muslim representation at the United Nations Security Council (UNSC) and said that the system needs to be reformed.

"The injustice regarding the lack of a Muslim nation represented at global decision-making mechanisms is a source of discomfort" he said, and added that the world no longer has World War I conditions.

Source: Daily Sabah