Yildirim said that the danger from the attempted coup continues but stated the government was taking measures against it. He also told Turkish citizens that their security and safety have been restored.

His remarks came as he visited Golbasi Special Operations Department in Ankara, which was the scene of a deadly air attack on the attempted coup night, leaving 50 police officers from the special operations force martyred. 

Pointing out that the police officers sacrificed their lives "with quite limited means against the disproportionate force" of the coup attempters, Yildirim said they fought back until the very end and saved critical places in the country, including the parliament. 

"What matters now is to stop the trouble [the coup attempt] that we avoided from turning into another threat," he said. 

"Our priority is to ensure the peace and safety of the people at all places, eliminating all their concerns and to control all the institutions thoroughly [...] "

The Turkish government said the Gulenist Terror Organization or Parallel State Structure (FETO/PDY) –  headed by U.S.-preacher Fetullah Gulen – is behind the failed coup. 

"Our targets are those who committed crimes against the state on behalf of this organization [FETO]," Yildirim noted. 

He said Turkey is a state of law and "will act accordingly" based on justice not on revenge. 

"[Coup] attempters will face the harshest punishment," he promised. 

Calling on people to continue their "democracy duty" at squares across the country, the Turkish PM warned against any provocation on political and ethnic differences. 

Tens of thousands of people have been taking to the streets and protesting against the July 15 coup attempt, which martyred at least 246 and wounded more than 2,100 people.

Anadolu Agency