Interior Minister Efkan Ala said that the attack has been carried out by PKK terrorists, and that security forces have launched anti-terror operations in the region.

He noted that helicopters have been dispatched to the area where clashes took place.

Ala also said that it does not matter who the terrorists targeted, and that it was an attack on all people, while he thanked Kilicdaroglu for his calm stance.

He noted that three soldiers have been wounded in the convoy attack, one of whom is in critical condition.

The CHP delegation and chairman Kilicdaroglu are unharmed in the incident, reports said.

Kilicdaroglu briefly spoke in a televised call on NTV channel and said that he and his delegation are doing well and that they are all safe.

The convoy was headed to Artvin's Ardanuç district from Şavşat district, and was attacked near Yanıklı village.

Kilicdaroglu was initially kept in his vehicle as part of a precautionary measure against security threats, and was then transferred to a secure area with armored vehicles.

According to CHP sources, the convoy was not directly attacked but was caught between clashes on their way.

Later on, the Governor of Artvin Muhterem İnce was quoted as saying the clashes took place after security forces foiled a rocket attack attempt against the convoy.

Kilicdaroglu's guards immediately responded to fire, reports said.

Military helicopters have reportedly been requested to the region.

Early on Thursday, CHP Chairman Kilicdaroglu arrived in Kars province by plane and came to Artvin's Şavşat district with his convoy to attend opening ceremonies in the province.

Police is currently looking for the perpetrators of the attack.

President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan called CHP chairman to express sympathy and receive information on how the incident took place, while Deputy Prime Minister Numan Kurtulmuş condemned the attack.

Source: Daily Sabah