Military sources said that at least 25 PKK/PYD militants were killed in airstikes conducted as part of international coalition near northern Syria's Jarablus after Turkish units supporting Free Syrian Army (FSA) elements in Operation Euphrates Shield were targeted by the terrorist group, which armed by the U.S.

Five buildings being used by PYD militants were also destroyed in the airstrikes

A statement by the Turkish Armed Forces (TSK) said that Operation Euphrates Shield, launched on Aug. 24 to clear Daesh and other terror groups from Turkey's borders, resumes under Turkey's rights stemming from international law, UN Charter's Article 51 concerning self-defense and other UN decisions concerning ther fight against Daesh.

The statement underlined that all precautions are being taken and maximum care is being applied to prevent civilians living in the region from being hurt.

Meanwhile in the southeast, security forces killed at least seven PKK terrorists and heavily injured two others in Şemdinli district's Cedikan - Samanlı region bordering Iraq, military sources said, adding that Turkish forces are receiving heavy fire from across the border.

One soldier was heavily wounded in the clashes.

Source: Daily Sabah