“Turkey's goal in Syria is clear: To protect Syria's territorial integrity, avoid any ethnic and/or sectarian conflicts and support transition to a legitimate and inclusive political order for all Syrians,” he said in his weekly column for the English-language Daily Sabah newspaper.

Kalin said the operation “proved Turkey's seriousness and determination to degrade and destroy Daesh with or without support from the international actors.”

The operation was launched on Aug. 24 and has seen Syrian Free Army forces backed by Turkey clear Daesh from most of the border region.

As well as the military campaign, Kalin said the intervention had been a diplomatic and political success.

“Turkey’s efforts to develop closer relations with Russia and Iran have helped prepare the ground for the overall support for its recent military activities in Syria,” Kalin said. “It should be emphasized that Turkey is exercising its right for self-defense along its border.”

Kalin also welcomed the U.S.-Russia brokered Syrian cease-fire, saying it would provide much-needed relief for the besieged northern city of Aleppo. “If it holds, it may also provide a venue for a restart of political negotiations between the regime and the opposition under the depleted UN umbrella,” he added.

The Foreign Ministry also greeted the truce deal. “We welcome the announcement of the arrangements between the U.S. and the R.F. [Russian Federation] after long negotiations that aim to establish a comprehensive cessation of hostilities environment and facilitate humanitarian access to those in need,” the ministry said in a statement.

The ministry stressed the importance of providing humanitarian aid as soon as possible.

Anadolu Agency