Speaking at the 71st United Nations General Council ​he said: "We cannot lose more time to realize the political resolution process and end the root of the problem, which is the fighting in Syria, terror and atmosphere of cruelty."

Erdoğan also voiced his disappointment over Western organizations' and governments' reluctance to help tackle the refugee crisis.

Reiterating that Turkey has done its share to help refugees by spending over 25 billion dollars, Erdoğan also criticized the UN and EU for not fullfilling their pledges on providing funds for refugees.

"Turkey has spent over $25 billion while the United Nation, the platform I am speaking now, only delivered $525 million. There was no support from the European Union and Unicef only sent $178 million and that is it." Erdoğan told the Assembly.

"The West may not, but we will keep on admitting them [Syrian refugees], because we are human beings," said the president, lashing out at other world leaders.

Stating that Syrian people were under the governance of a tyrant, brute and terrorist while also fighting against the relentless attacks of terror organizations, Erdoğan said the international community failed to carry out its humanitarian duties in Syria.

"Turkey's incursion into northern Syria in early September had led to establishing peace, balance and stability in a region taken over by hopelessness," he also said, stating that the Syrian regime encourages civilians to either surrender or die.

"International powers should no longer tolerate it," he said firmly.

Turkey's incursion into Syria came after it had called for several years for world powers to help create a "safe zone" along the Syrian border, with the aim of clearing out Daesh and the PKK's Syrian wing the PYD/YPG and of stemming a wave of migration that has caused tension with Europe.

He said that Turkey has no interest in Syrian territory, noplans to stay there.

""We respect Syria's territorial integrity. Syria belongs to Syrian people, nobody must have any other plans for it."

The president also accused the European Union of not keeping its promises over Turkey's EU membership.

Erdoğan urges world to act against Gülen movement

Erdoğan also demanded international action against the leader of FETÖ terror group Fetullah Gülen, the mastermind of July 15 coup attempt.

"I am calling, from this podium, to all our friends, to swiftly take the necessary measures against the Gülenist terrorist group for their own safety and the future of their nations,"he told the UN General Assembly.

Gülen's "terrorist network" that threatens the national security of not only Turley but also other countries, he added.

"It is evident from our experience that if you do not fight the Gülen network at this stage, it may be too late later."

Erdoğan also said that he takes pride in Turkish nation for repelling the coup attempt and showing a very noble stance.

Source: Daily Sabah