A Turkish General Staff statement said 30 Daesh targets had been hit with 57 artillery rounds.

Turkish airstrikes also destroyed Daesh elements at four buildings being used by the terrorist group as a command post and weapons dump in Tal-ar, Amiriyah, and El Eyyubiyah cities, the statement added.

Three Turkish army personnel were slightly wounded in a drone attack in the Wukuf region of Syria, the statement also said.

"The injured were taken to a hospital across the border in Turkey's southern Kilis province," an Anadolu Agency correspondent reported.

A total of 1,337 detected targets have been hit since the beginning of Operation Euphrates Shield, the military added.

Tuesday marked the 35th day of Operation Euphrates Shield, which began last month and saw the Free Syrian Army, backed by the Turkish military, take control of the city of Jarabulus from Daesh.

Turkey has said the operation is aimed at bolstering border security, supporting coalition forces and eliminating the threat posed by terror organizations, especially Daesh.

Anadolu Agency