Speaking to the media in the resort city of Antalya, Cavusoglu said: “There is no stronger supporter [of Iraq] than Turkey which wants Iraq to protect its territorial integrity and its independence. Iraq’s security and stability are as important as ours.”

He said while Turkey backs Iraq’s independence and stability, it was “not a right thing to comment randomly on other countries’ provocations.”

On Tuesday, Iraqi Prime Minister Haidar al-Abadi said Iraq did not want war or confrontation with Turkey.

“In case of confrontation, the Turks will pay an exorbitant price,” al-Abadi said, adding that wars between neighboring countries would bring destruction to both countries; however, he said Iraq would be ready for a confrontation with Turkey.

“We do not [want] war with Turkey, we do not want a confrontation with Turkey.

“Any invasion of Iraq would lead to dismantling of Turkey,” the Iraqi premier said, adding that Iraq had welcomed Turkish forces inside the country for training fighters and providing logistical support, not as a fighting force.

Cavusoglu questioned Iraq’s strength to fight against terrorism.

“If you [Iraq] have the power, why did you leave Mosul to terrorist organizations in the first place?” the foreign minister asked. “Why has the PKK been invading your lands for years?” he added.

He criticized the Iraqi premier for "not being able to cope against terrorist organizations, but trying to bully and being rhetorical."

He said Turkish officials had declared earlier Turkey would take measures in the interest of its security reasons. “We are taking these measures now," he added.

Turkish army dispatched tanks to southeastern Sirnak province's Silopi district near the border with Iraq on Tuesday.

About the movement of tanks, Defense Minister Fikri Isik told reporters in Ankara on Tuesday: "We are right now in a serious fight against terrorist groups, both inside Turkey and just outside our border. This dispatch is a part of preparation against those threats."

Anadolu Agency