In a statement released Tuesday afternoon, Turkey's Foreign Ministry said the EU "had lost credibility among Turkish people" concerning the fight against terrorism.

The European Union issued a statement Tuesday, calling on Turkey to "safeguard its parliamentary democracy, including the respect for human rights, the rule of law, fundamental freedoms and the right of everyone to a fair trial, also in conformity with its commitments as a candidate country."

The statement issued by Mogherini said the recent events in Turkey were "extremely worrying".

Turkey "should pursue" the PKK as a terrorist group but the arrest of lawmakers from "a legal Kurdish party was polarizing society," the statement said.

"A return to a credible political process and to a genuine political dialogue is essential for the country's democracy and stability in the region," it added.

Turkey's Foreign Ministry, in its statement, responded: "The EU -- which did not give us the support we expected from them after the July 15 coup attempt and adopted a prejudiced attitude -- unfortunately insists on not understanding Turkey's sensitivities regarding the fight against terrorism."

The co-chairs and several other deputies of the opposition Peoples’ Democratic Party (HDP) have been remanded in custody since Friday for failing to answer summons linked to a counter-terrorism investigation before public prosecutors.

The lawmakers face prosecution under anti-terrorism laws after their parliamentary immunity was lifted earlier this year.

Anadolu Agency