Speaking in Ankara on the second day of the 9th Ambassadors’ Conference, Kurtulmus told delegates everyone needed to work to remove the causes of these issues.

He said developments in countries like Syria, Somalia and Iraq first affected those states' immediate regions and then the whole world.

Kurtulmus said Syrian in particular had turned into a "global problem".

"I think three main reasons caused the emergence of Syria and similar crises," he said.

Kurtulmus said one reason was "anti-democratic" regimes which clung onto power for years but were followed by political instability.

He added a second reason was economic inequality and the third was military invasions and foreign interventions.

Kurtulmus said Western states needed to develop a "fair" and "equal" relationship with the rest of the world to remove global terrorism.

He added the migration problem had become a global issue because of economic and political turbulence.

"We have to rebuild the language of peace all over the world," Kurtulmus added.

"Instead of perceiving global migration and terrorism as only a periodic threat, we have to together consider the reasons and remove them," he said.

Anadolu Agency