The former minister from Christian Democratic Party, Ben Bot criticized Prime Minister Rutte and said it was not understandable to cancel Turkish minister's flight.

"In my opinion, this [move] is closely related to elections. We defended democracy and human rights," said Bot.

Bot said the move was contrary to democracy values, adding: "We took a wrong step."

On Saturday, Dutch government canceled Turkish foreign minister's flight permit and blocked family minister's convoy from entering the Turkish consulate in Rotterdam.

The ministers were due to meet Turkish society ahead of April 16 referendum which will see a constitutional amendment.

Turkish foreign ministry asked duty-off Dutch ambassador in Ankara who was on leave not to return 'for a while'.

Dutch police dispersed Turkish citizens who took to the streets to protest police's treatment of Turkish family minister.

In Turkey, hundreds of people flocked to Dutch missions in Ankara and Istanbul to protest the Dutch government's moves.

President Recep Tayyip Erdogan described the move as a measure by “Nazi remnants and fascists”. 

Anadolu Agency