The gruesome incident occured in a remote village of Sargodha district located 190 kilometers away from Lahore, the capital of Punjab province.

The so-called custodian first used some drinks to intoxicate his two dozen disciples, and later killed them with the help of his three accomplices by using clubs and daggers.

Deputy commissioner of Sargodha, Liaquat Chatta told reporters that the gory incident occured on late Saturday night, and one of the survivors reported that to the police.

The police rushed to the scene immediately.

"We have recovered 20 bodies --16 men and 4 women-- from the shrine," Chatta said adding that the four accused, including the custodian, who is a retired government employee, have been arrested.

"The prime accused seemingly mentally unstable," he added, who had told the police that his disciples were conspiring to poison him, that's why he killed them to save his life.

Anadolu Agency