On Friday, over 300 people were killed and scores of others injured when attackers bombed a mosque and opened fire on worshipers in Bir al-Abed town of northern Sinai.

Flags flew at half-mast over buildings across Turkey on Monday to mourn victims of the attack.

Professor Kemal Inat, director of Middle Eastern Institute’s at Sakarya University, said that one-day mourning announcement was a very important gesture by the Turkish government in terms of international relations.

"Turkey's mourning declaration is a clear indication that it wants to normalize relations with Egypt,” he said. “I believe Cairo's attitude towards Turkey's support will be positive.’’

Emrah Kekilli, a researcher in Ankara-based Foundation for Political, Economic and Social Research (SETA), said: ''The positive course of economic relations in 2017 and goodwill gestures on humanitarian issues can offer a positive contribution to softening Egyptian-Turkish relations.''

Prof. Tayyar Ari, Bursa-based Uludag University’s Economics and Administrative Sciences Faculty Dean said: "Turkey is approaching with the same sensitivity in the face of any problem in a Muslim country. This is the mission of Turkey.’’

Anadolu Agency