An American news site reported Wednesday that a United States Marine Corps sergeant in Syria was wounded by a member of the YPG/PKK-led SDF in February and the Pentagon covered it up.

The attack was carried out at a military base in Syria’s Deir ez-Zor province, the Task & Purpose news site reported, citing sources familiar with the incident.

Despite objections from the YPG/PKK, Sergeant Cameron Halkovich reportedly attempted to help wounded Arab civilians in a truck that had arrived outside the base, the report said.

The wounded, mostly women and children, were eventually ushered in and treated by army medics, who managed to save four of them, it said.

Later that night, however, as Halkovich and Corporal Kane Downey were doing security rounds and went to check on a colleague, they were ambushed by a YPG/PKK member who had been lying in wait.

Halkovich was shot in the leg.

Downey then reportedly shot the attacker dead with an M-4 rifle.