Russian President Vladimir Putin said Wednesday it is impossible to seal the S-400 air defense system deal with Turkey in U.S. dollars.

He said leaders of the two countries have agreed on another option.

Criticising the U.S. administration for using the dollar as a pressure tool, he said Russia and its trade partners are working to create interbank payment systems independent of SWIFT.

Commenting on a recent clash between Ukrainian and Russian forces in the Sea of Azov and Keiv's reaction of imposing martial law, Putin said the "provocation" was a deliberate attempt to postpone presidential election in Ukraine on March 31, 2019.

"The rating of the [Ukrainian] acting president is very low...He needs to do something to aggravate the situation and create insurmountable obstacles for his competitors, primarily from the opposition," he said. 

On Sunday, Russia seized three Ukrainian naval ships after they tried to enter the Kerch Strait, currently controlled by Moscow. 

Following the incident, Ukraine impose a 30-day martial law in the country saying there was threat of a Russian invasion.